Solar Seed Drill-cum-Weeder: Better Soil with Less Toil

Solar Seed Drill cum Weeder by Bharatbhai Agrawat (Junagadh, Gujarat) Problem Addressed: Manual method of seed planting, results in irregular seed placement, spacing inefficiencies, and drudgery for the farmer, limiting the area sown. A Seed Sowing Machine was designed and developed to improve planting efficiency and reduce the drudgery involved in the manual planting method. […]

Multi-Purpose Food Processing Machines – from Food to Herbal skin care

Multi-Purpose Food Processing Machines by Dharambir Kambhoj (Haryana) Technology: Dharambir Kabhoj’s multi-purpose food processing machines are portable machines that work on a single-phase motor and help in processing various fruits, herbs, and seeds. They also work as a big pressure cooker with temperature control and an auto cut-off facility. Offering a condensation mechanism, they can […]

Rocket Stove: Low-smoke cooking fuel using bio-waste

Rocket Stove by Abdul Kareem K. A. (Kerala) Problem Addressed: During the lockdown period, innovator Abdul Kareem K.A. thought how many people would be affected if the electricity and LPG supply were to stop one day? What alternative could be used to cook food? Even though traditional stoves are available in Kerala, many people hesitate […]

Biomass Gasifier System

Biomass Gasifier System by Rai Singh Dahiya (Rajasthan) Problem Addressed: The innovator found that increasing demand for diesel engines in agriculture may result in costlier energy source for small farmers due to rising cost of diesel. He decided to build a gasifier that could convert biomass into producer gas using hardwood pieces initially. Technology: The […]

Farmland Manure Spreader

Farmland manure spreader by Ashikbhai Gani (Gujarat) Problem Addressed: If any farmer wants to spread manure on their farm they need help from a service provider who comes with their own tractor, trolley, and JCB with labour. They pick manure from the farmer’s dump site and make piles in the farms. Afterwards, farmers need to […]

Groundnut Digger/Turmeric Digger/Garlic Digger

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