Farmland Manure Spreader

Farmland manure spreader by Ashikbhai Gani (Gujarat)

Problem Addressed: If any farmer wants to spread manure on their farm they need help from a service provider who comes with their own tractor, trolley, and JCB with labour. They pick manure from the farmer’s dump site and make piles in the farms. Afterwards, farmers need to spread piles in the field which is labour-intensive and time-consuming. The innovator came up with a machine that can do both operations simultaneously.

Technology: Ashikbhai made trolleys with a height of 2 feet to make them compatible with conventional arrangements in the tractors. The final design was made after a lot of experiments on RPM, torque, weight balancing, turning, weight optimization, etc. Both dry and wet manure can be spread by the machine.

Societal Impact: By use of this trolley farmers save their time, spread manure more uniformly, and reduce labour expenses.

Current Status: Ashik Bhai has set up an enterprise called Greenlandagro, and can be contacted at: or

Video available at:

He is getting queries from far and wide for his manure spreader. GIAN is helping him scale it up.

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