Rocket Stove: Low-smoke cooking fuel using bio-waste

Rocket Stove by Abdul Kareem K. A. (Kerala)

Problem Addressed: During the lockdown period, innovator Abdul Kareem K.A. thought how many people would be affected if the electricity and LPG supply were to stop one day? What alternative could be used to cook food? Even though traditional stoves are available in Kerala, many people hesitate to use them due to the smoke. This provided the impetus to work on the rocket stove.

Technology: The rocket stove is based on a concept developed by the British in the 1850s. A British version contains an insulated vertical chimney. This burning stove ensures complete combustion before the flames reach the cooking surface. It is made using 4 mm mild steel sheets, and the oven chamber is made with stainless steel sheets.

Societal Impact: It can run on firewood, coconut shells, waste paper or any other bio-waste and cuts down smoke by 80 percent.

Current Status: He has sold more than 330 units of rocket stove and has generated employment for seven others. He has also applied for a patent for his innovation. He is open to partnerships and looking to scale his product line and volume. It has been supported under MVIF by GIAN for scaling up.

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