Multi-Purpose Food Processing Machines – from Food to Herbal skin care

Multi-Purpose Food Processing Machines by Dharambir Kambhoj (Haryana)

Technology: Dharambir Kabhoj’s multi-purpose food processing machines are portable machines that work on a single-phase motor and help in processing various fruits, herbs, and seeds. They also work as a big pressure cooker with temperature control and an auto cut-off facility. Offering a condensation mechanism, they can efficiently extract essential oils and other compounds from flowers, seeds and whole medicinal plants.

Societal Impact: The machines come in several sizes, which makes them suitable for a wide array of groups, from families of five to small-scale farmers or self-help groups. The technology was transferred to Kenya by the Honey Bee Network for wider social applications there. Machines have been exported to many other countries. Within India, they have gone to more than ten states. In many cases, when women’s groups buy a machine, the innovator trains them, and helps build their capacity to make new products including soaps, gels, juices, candies, pickles and other utilities. He has been honoured by HBN and NIF at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Current Status: Dharambir has made many improvements in this machine besides developing several new agro-processing machines such as corn milk making machine, corn hulling machine, solar drier, vacuum frying machine etc. Along with his family, he concurrently runs Dharambir Food Processing Technology Pvt. Ltd. to market the machines, and Kissan Dharambir Ltd. for FMCG products. Coming from a humble farming family, he became interested in agro-processing after his stint driving a cycle rickshaw on Delhi roads was cut short by an accident.

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