Modified Stove: Efficient Paddy Husk Fuel

Paddy Husk Stove by Ashok Thakur (Bihar) Problem Addressed: Paddy husk is generally discarded as agricultural waste and is abundantly available in paddy growing regions. He observed that paddy husk could not be used effectively as fuel in conventional wood stoves. So, he modified the old stove developed for wood dust so as to use […]

Rocket Stove: Low-smoke cooking fuel using bio-waste

Rocket Stove by Abdul Kareem K. A. (Kerala) Problem Addressed: During the lockdown period, innovator Abdul Kareem K.A. thought how many people would be affected if the electricity and LPG supply were to stop one day? What alternative could be used to cook food? Even though traditional stoves are available in Kerala, many people hesitate […]

Sunbird straw: Drinking straws from coconut leaves

On the other hand, organizations have the need for integrating in IT departments new technologies often using cloud services and other ways of direct access to the web. This pressure for IT departments to give…

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