Smart walking stick

Name of Innovator: Akash Singh
Phone Number: 9457138214
Address: S/O Dharmender Singh, Near Power House, Mohalla Baniisrail, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh pin-203135
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Innovation Details:

“My septuagenarian grandfather always carries a walking stick with him for his morning walks. I realized that though the stick offered support, it ended up tiring him and often proved heavy to lift. That’s when I thought of a walking stick that could enable easier mobility and be lightweight at the same time,” he says.

Akash Singh, a student of Government Polytechnic College in Manesar, Gurgaon, came up with the idea almost a year back after watching his grandfather use one during his morning walks. Equipped with a wheel that has a power-braking system, the device has an internal power generating mechanism that lets one charge their mobile phone and is equipped with an alarm along with a torch and compass.

Though the idea had been hovering in his head for almost a year, it took him a while to formalize the concept and turn it into a working model. Spending almost an equal measure of time developing the mechanical and electrical aspects, it took him around four months to develop the walking stick. The wheel in the stick will not only help the elderly but also those who have physical disabilities. The horn/alarm in it can help alert or call someone during an emergency, while its lightness will pave way for easier mobility,” he explains.

“The entire cost of assembling the apparatus came up to ₹1500. This way, people not only benefit from the device for its functionalities but also benefit economically.

Innovator Details

After finishing his 10th grade, he enrolled for a 3-year diploma in Civil Engineering at the prestigious government polytechnic education society, Manesar Gurgaon. Then, he started his own company called Energine Innovations. His father is a farmer and his mother is a homemaker. He was an average student, who used to run away from studies, but his first science project which he had made back in 9th standard proved to be a turning point. It was his very first science project and it got selected for the CBSE science exhibition. It brought him several accolades, which inspired him to take his innovations forward. That day he realized that it is his innovations that bring him acknowledgement and recognition. Since then he has been making projects, organizing science fests in his village and tinkering with inventions. Even in his college, he was more involved in the Electrical and Mechanical department instead of sipping his coffee in the Civil department. He was always ready to innovate and create. He has made a self-irrigation sprinkler, self-power generating walking stick etc.His journey from a self-powered walking stick to a company creating sculpture, idols etc. from waste materials has seen several ups and downs. Earlier the team struggled with fear, uncertainty and doubts when he first explored the idea of up-skilling the prisoners to create the handicrafts but today he has overcome all hurdles and is working for a better tomorrow.

“Age is just a number, be passionate and keep following your dreams.”
“Challenges are inevitable. At some point of time every individual faces several challenges in accomplishing their goals. I faced some too. My parents have been really supportive.

He regarded himself as very lucky that the PMO of India called him himself and praised him about his work and the inventions. His innovation is also Awarded by Chief Minister of Haryana and appreciated by the Ministry of Environment and climate change.

He has been selected for the first global edition of Ashoka Young Changemaker from India and currently Incubated in Atal incubation Center BIMTECH.


He is planning to extend his facilities and train the women inmates. He wishes to extend his job opportunities for the women inmates too. He has an aim to cover more than 500 temples under this initiative and make the lakes free of pollution.

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