Rise Bionics: High-quality, affordable prosthetics within hours

Rise Bionics by Arun Cherian, Karnataka

Problem Addressed: An estimated 1.5 million people undergo amputations each year and require prosthetic services. Yet, only 5-15% of amputees have access to devices in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) as per WHO estimates. Over 70% of patients in India do not have access to prosthetic devices, despite their significant capability to improve mobility and reduce mortality. It is estimated that the demand for orthotic devices is over ten times that for prosthetics. Dominant factors are the concentration of medical centers in urban areas leading to large travel and stay expense, traditional casting methods limiting the geographical reach of each center, high device prices and delivery times that stretch into months.

Technology: Rise-Bionics provide custom-fitted prosthetic or orthotic devices (such as arm and hand) within a day or two of scanning the patient. Local healthcare practitioners scan the patient in just 2 minutes in their home or neighborhood hospital and upload the file to the cloud. A central facility then digitally modifies the file as per the diagnosis and fabricates it couriers within a few hours to the medical practitioner for patient fitting and device service throughout its life. We can now fabricate devices with a sub-millimeter accurate fitting for the head, neck, spine, hand and leg for both prosthetics and orthotics.

Societal Impact: It is important to reintegrate patients back into society as soon as possible because physical disability in a family can be financially stressful. In addition to the patient, another family member will have to work reduced hours or leave their job to take care of the patient. Rise Bionics provides a portfolio of choices based on budget and performance along with delivery within hours or a couple of days.

Current Status: Rise Bionics has catered to about 1,000 patients across India with assistive devices for the whole body. The organization serves at corporate hospitals, community hospitals and not-for-profit organizations to provide for their patients. The innovator, Arun Cherian, is open to seed-stage funding and looking to scale across India and other countries.

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