Only Curries, No Injuries: A Well-Cut Coconut

Coconut Cutting Machine by Mr. Senthil (Tamil Nadu)

Problem Addressed: M. Senthil observed that people take out coconuts from the whole nuts harvested from trees using a crowbar. This is time consuming and has a high risk of injury while husking the coconut. He developed an iron cutter that can split the coconut in two-halves to extract oil for culinary purpose. It is easily portable to field/farm, requires less maintenance and has long life.

Technology: The coconut cutter has a lever frame with a steel cutter of 70’ length, 20’ breadth and 5 feet for keeping the machine steady on ground. It has a long handle that holds the semi round blade for cutting and U shape steel holder for holding the coconut in position while splitting the coconut in two halves.

Societal Impact: This machine saves 50% of labor’s time in separating coconuts. It helps prevent injuries involved in manual husking and cutting process and reduces the overall labor cost.

Current Status: The innovator has sold 25 units to fellow farmers. This machine can be easily customized according to the shape and size of products to be cut.

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