Low-cost irrigation pump

Name of Innovator: Nandeshwar Sharma
Phone Number: 9470655395
Address: Chuhari, West Champaran, Bihar 845450

Nandeshwar Sharma belongs to Chuhadi, Thana – Chanpatiya, West Champaran. The innovator has made an irrigation water pump which is low cost and can be operated with the help of a single person. It doesn’t waste water and saves fuel and manforce. Low cost than other irrigation water pumps in the market. It has Brass welding at valves that increase life of the pump. Only one person is needed to operate this pump. It also saves labor, time, fuel, water and also eliminates the fear of getting drenched especially during the winters.

When our farmer brothers go to irrigate their fields, they have a lot of trouble in getting water from the pond. But with the help of this machine, farmers can easily drain water from any bore well, pond or river and alone

Innovator details

Nandeshwar Sharma runs a fabrication unit in my small village Chhatri and repairs all the farm machineries, and is also a farmer.

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