Low-Cost Irrigation Device

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Innovator Details

Nandeshwar Sharma runs a factory in the village of Chhatri, repairing agricultural machinery. He is credited withdeveloping a low-cost irrigation device that can be operated by a single person.

Innovation Details

Nandeshwar Sharma belongs to Chuhadi, Thana – Chanpatiya, West Champaran in Bihar. The innovator has made an irrigation water pump which is low-cost, can be operated by a single person, and prevents water wastage due to spillage. The device is much cheaper than other irrigation water pumps in the market. It has brass welding at valves that increase its life.

The motivation to develop the irrigation device came from observing farmers carry water from the pond to the fields. Needless to say the task was time-consuming, difficult and cumbersome. Nandeshwar’s device can drain water from any borewell, pond or river. Only one person is required to operate the pump, which does not use cow dung or soil. At a time, it can release 1 or 2 liters of water. There is no unnecessary spillage so it also prevents water wastage.  Also, the person operating the pump does not get wet while irrigating the fields. Earlier, the farmers would have to run a pumpset for ten hours to irrigate their fields. Nandeshwar’s pump has changed all that – using it, farmers can irrigate the filed in just half an hour, utilizing minimum labor and eliminating any wastage.

Another interesting feature of the pump is that even the hot water that is generated can be put to use and sent directly to the fields using an oilseed pump. At the time of irrigation, 1 hour of water falling near the pump set can irrigate 5 square feet of land at the same time. The fact it takes less time to operate means that farmers can also save on their diesel and electricity bills.The device, therefore, helps to save money. At a time when the small farmers are finding it difficult to make ends meet, the opportunity to save money is for them a welcome relief. The manufacturing cost of the low-cost irrigation pump is Rs. 2500/- per unit and the selling rice is Rs. 3500/- per unit (excluding GST 18%).


Gramin Navonmesh Protsahan

Gujarat Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN) and Small Industries Development Bank (SIDBI) are working on a project “Gramin Navonmesh Protsahan”. The project aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and provide support to innovations from and for grassroots across the country. The selected projects get support for investment funds for stimulating commercialization. The support is provided in the form of a soft loan with a 5% interest rate.

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