HRMN 99 Apples: A summer variety for lower altitudes

HRMN 99 Apple variety by Hariman Sharma (Himachal Pradesh)

Problem Addressed: Apple is mainly cultivated at high altitudes, where low temperatures facilitate flowering and fruit-setting on the tree. Mr. Hariman Sharma, the innovator, has developed an apple variety that is suitable for growing in plain tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Technology: This variety can grow at an altitude of 1,800 feet above sea level. It is scab disease tolerant, and starts fruiting after three years, giving an average yield of 1 quintal post seven years of planting.

Societal Impact: This variety has given a good source of livelihood for people in the lower hilly region of several states and has inspired thousands of farmers across the nation.

Current Status: The innovator has sold thousands of saplings of his variety to farmers. Successful fruiting in multiple states has increased the demand for his saplings throughout the country.

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