Groundnut cleaning & threshing machine

Innovator: Janakbhai Rathod
Address: Sundargadh, Ta- Halwad, Dist-Morbi

Threshing & cleaning groundnut pods are both labour intensive tasks. Janakbhai Rathod has made a thresher cum cleaning device. It separates the pods and removes the residual soil on the pods and cleans the twigs and other debris. It uses 2.5 to 2 liter diesel to run for an hour processing 120-140 kg of pods. This machine is driven by PTU shaft on a tractor.

Salient Features:

  • This machine separates the soil from the peanuts (cleaning).
  • The soil is cleared from 120 to 140 kg of complete peanuts in 1 hour.
  • Dry grass sticks are also separated from the peanuts along with the soil.
  • The machine does not require frequent replacement of spare parts. So that its maintenance costs come down.
  • The spare parts of the machine do not deteriorate quickly, so the machine has to be greased.
  • This machine runs on a tractor and can be carried anywhere.

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