Cylinder Carrier

Name of Innovator: Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Dar
Phone Number: 9149958426
Address: Kreeri, Dooru, Anantnag, J&K – 192211
Email Id:
IPR Status: Patent Applied (No. 1230/DEL/2007 & 2516/DEL/2009)

Mushtaq Ahmad Dar made a foldable gas carrier which can be used to carry gas cylinders by hooking and placing the carrier on the foldable carrier in a very innovative manner. So, it becomes easy for a person to carry the cylinder from one place to another place. It is foldable, easy to use, loading capacity up to 60 kg, even a woman or a child can pull use this device. Its expected sale is 1000 units per year.

Innovator details

Mushtaq Ahmad Dar an innovator from Kashmir, innovated a foldable cylinder carrier. Mushtaq has been a ‘full-time’ innovator for some years now, he also helps his brothers in running the family business and managing the household. Knowing Mushtaq’s creative nature, in 2005, his friend, Zahoor Ahmed Shah brought him to Ahmedabad. Mushtaq was intrigued to see and meet so many people from different parts of the country who were not trained or aided but had solved various problems by their own effort and hard work. He was immediately reminded of his troubled home state, which had been plagued with the problems of unemployment and unrest. Even since, he has made many innovations to solve the unmet needs of society.

His innovation got financial support from MVIF under GIAN and SIDBI for marketing. He received an award in 5th National Grassroots Innovation Awards 2009 for another innovation, the walnut cracking machine.
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