Innovative Agritech – Manual rice planter

Name of Innovator: Nishi Biswas
Phone Number: 8305526264
Address: D 62, Somya Vihaar, Phase – 1, Khajuri Kala, Piplani, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Pincode: 462021.
Email Id:
Video Link:
IPR: Filed (Application No. – 201821035860, CBR No. – 21617)

Nishi Biswas has invented a machine for growing paddy crops. Manual rice planter is not manufactured in our country, while it is made in many Asian countries and is also imported in large quantities in our country. He is the first man to develop this machine in India. Previously he had sold three machines and after the support from GIAN, he has sold 38 machines within a span of one and a half years. The machine can run easily on small plots, this machine is beneficial for small farmers, With the use of this machine, a person can sow 2 acres in a day, it will not cost any extra fuel to run it and the cost of the machine will be paid back in one season.
Nishi Biswas is an innovator from Madhya Pradesh. He was born into a poor farmer family in a village. Later, his father came to the city in search of employment. After studying up to middle school, he got involved in repairing bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, truck, electrical equipment, mobile, radio, etc. He worked in many shops and also increased his knowledge by studying books on all these subjects. To ease the work of small farmers, he decided to develop a small manual machine that would be cheaper, which could run in small plots, which would not cost extra to run, which would be easy to carry from home to farm etc. To pursue this link, he developed the first “manual paddy planting machine” which is beneficial for small farmers, the use of this machine will save farmers money, hard work and time.
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