We believe in.... The Golden Triangle for Rewarding Creativity

The golden triangle for rewarding creativity is GIAN’s motto. The reduction in ex-ante and ex-post transaction cost of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs is achieved by several operating principles: Never to ask innovators to come to the office, instead provide them support at their doorstep; organize financial, intellectual property, product development, validation & value addition, business development, and dissemination support; connect them to the nearest resources instead of asking them to come to an urban centre. We believe in providing in situ incubation support to innovators, start-ups, communities and others. Hand holding a grassroots innovator to help her in their journey to become a social and/or economic entrepreneur is our passion.



 Over the years, we have seen that all three resources are often not available in one place, with one person, or with one institution. Connecting them may help to scale up innovations for and from the grassroots communities by reducing transaction costs. But it is also true to say that incubators for grassroots and social innovations are different from others. They may not have the same business plan as the generic equity-based models, but new models of benefit sharing have to be devised for the sustainability of such organizations.