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Student Involvement

GIAN involves students in several main and sub-processes in the aggregate incubation process of promoting grassroots innovations. The basic objective to involve students in GIAN activities is to create an institutional platform where students can contribute in the process of incubation of grassroots innovations. By involving students, GIAN could target to reach as many innovations as possible across country. At the same time, students get a real-life learning opportunity to put classroom theories into practice at virtually no cost to them. While for the educational institutions, the real problem was to look for live projects for students primarily from industry, which was becoming increasingly difficult given the mushrooming of institutions and visible trend of industry to flock around few best institutions for such needs. In essence, it was a win-win situation for students, institutions and GIAN.

We expect students to helps us in following tasks:
  • Documenting technical information about innovation from the innovator
  • Inputs for technical benchmarking
  • Collecting market inputs from the originating geography of the innovation
  • Conducting market research for demand assessment
  • Developing a business plan
  • Scout potential licensees; entrepreneurs & generating interests among them
We at GIAN involve students in followings ways:-
  1. Volunteer - We seek help from engineering and management students who would like work with us for research and value addition task like prior art search, concept testing, technical documentation, prototyping, and market research, making business plan, technology valuation etc.
  2. Summer Internship - We may provide the internship offer to the students. Interested students are requested to contact us by sending their CV with details of internship period , request letter from college etc