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Dr. Ted Moallem conducted the workshops for students to raise understanding about school level science principles through live demonstrations. It was an interactive session took place at GIAN ( Gujrat Grassroot Innovation Augmentation Network), Ahmedabad from 18 May to 26 May 2019. Tutees from surrounding area were gathered to be a part of this event.
The children performed experiments on conduction of electricity where they learnt that the graphite in pencil leads could conduct electricity. The children coloured tracks of graphite onto paper sheets and attached a battery at one end, and an LED on the other. The battery provided electricity on one end and the graphite circuit would let it travel to the other end and light up the LED
Enthusiasm and keen interests towards live science experiments showed by students was noticeable. Dr. Ted Moallem is a director of renowned Makerwala Learners Trust, Dhamatari, Chattisgadh, India.