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Innovations, singing, acting, sports and a gamut of such talents in 30 children from across India got special recognition as President Pranab Mukherjee gave away the National Child Awards for Exceptional Achievement, 2015, in a ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan Saturday.

The award winners are aged between nine and 16.

Aditya Makkar, 16, won for designing Rikshaw X a cycle rickshaw with reverse gear as well as technologies to check car theft and drunken driving.

Affan Siddiqui, 16, won for his innovative design of a retractable, low-rise bus steps for senior citizens. Ananya K G, 14, got the award designing an automatic mobile nebuliser that works on solar energy to help farmers.

Those awarded in sports were selected from fields as diverse as golf, fencing and archery. Others were recognised for their talents in the fields of music and acting.

Excellence in the field of innovations
Soring Lepcha (12) Designed cost effective water filter for controlling water bome diseases in his village
Mayal Lepcha (16) Fitted a small generator in the water tap so that when water flows through it, one can charge a mobile phone
Ananya K.G. (14) Automatic mobile nebulizer that works on solar energy
Aditya Makkar (16) He has designed a Rickshaw X with reverse gear, foldable seat, and indicators
Affan Siddiqui (16) Designed bus steps at a low height to provide relief to elderly