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Acity-based innovator will exhibit his creation at the grassroots innovations’ exhibition at Junagadh Agriculture University on August 14. The exhibition is being organised by National Innovation Foundation (NIF). Six of the participants are from Gujarat.

An NIF member said, “The exhibition will be part of an event organised on the occasion of Independence Day. Our chief minister is also expected to attend the event.” Paresh Panchal, an Amdavadi innovator, has designed an incense-stick maker. It took him two years to come up with this machine using which the sticks can be rolled easily. Bamboo sticks are the major raw materials used in agarbatti industry.
He says, “For making incense sticks, electricity-operated high capacity machines are available. But these are suitable for industries, not for rural poor who make strips and sticks using a knife. Looking at their need, I developed a set of two machines — bamboo strip and incense stick making machine. The first machine is used to slice bamboo pieces of definite size and length. The slices cut are then fed in the strip making machine to produce the sticks.”
With the general method of making the sticks, it takes about eight hours to manufacture 7-8 kg of the sticks. However, the machine can produce about 30 kg per day (2,000 sticks per kg) and is easy to use and maintain. The machine that is manually operated reduces drudgery and risk of injuries to rural people. Since it is compact, it utilises less space. The other innovators participating in the exhibition belong to Amreli, Jamnagar and Junagadh.

News Link: http://www.ahmedabadmirror.com/article/3/2012081420120814235609615b2d7f661/City-innovator%E2%80%99s-agarbatti-machine-in-NIF-exhibition.html