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Nidhi Gupta, a student of class 10 of KV in Ahmedabad, is the only recipient of Ignite Awards from Gujarat this year. The awards will be presented to 38 students from across the country on November 19. 

Nidhi has ideated an indicator for dead landline phones. “Nidhi has thought of an indicator in form of an LED or alarm that can indicate that the phone is dead. It may be powered by some source within phone which stores some amount of energy while the phone is working,” said an official of National Innovation Foundation (NIF) that announced the awards on Monday. 

Ignite is a national competition of original technological ideas and innovations of children up to the age of 17 years. As many as 20,836 entries were received for the awards this year. An exhibition of all award winning ideas will also be held at the venue. 

The awards are announced every year on October 15 on occasion of former president A P J Abdul Kalam’s birthday which is celebrated as Children's Creativity and Innovation Day by NIF. In addition to the main awards, there are two awards in ‘Kite Flying Idea Awards’ category as well. 

The category was introduced last year to recognise those ideas which prima facie may not appear to be rational today but may become a reality in future as science advances. The foundation will file patents in all applicable cases in the name of the students and will also engage designers/ fabricators to develop prototypes of students’ ideas.

News Link: http://www.ahmedabadmirror.com/article/3/20131015201310150216271873d673826/Only-one-student-from-state-to-get-Ignite-Award-this-year.html