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Innovation Toursim

Tourism is a popular activity globally. Typically people move around to explore new places and culture, meet new people, savour new delicacies, splurge on goodies or simply to spend some time peacefully. In addition of course are the many business trips, which doubled up as tourism opportunities also. When business can be mixed with pleasure why not knowledge with leisure?

Any enthusiast visiting a place is always inquisitive about what all the place can offer him to stimulate his senses- visual, mental, gustatory or spiritual. Such a person looks for all possible information that can make his visit fruitful and worthwhile.

The concept of ‘Knowledge Tourism’ in present context aims to address the curiosity of the traveler by providing him and popularizing the indigenous/traditional knowledge and the innovations at the grassroots or emerging at some other level of social hierarchy. This obviously implies that all shared knowledge- be it traditional or innovations, is screened for its usefulness, novelty and obviousness. This is important to protect the intellectual property of the person/community voluntary sharing the information so that their rights are not violated.

Follow the links on the map of Gujarat and Maharashtra to trace the innovations originating from the rural-urban areas of the state.

GIAN would be happy to facilitate your tour at innovator’s place. Please contact us for the same.