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Intellectual Property Rights Protection at GIAN

In today’s knowledge society, the creativity of knowledge providers should be awarded, respected and protected at the global level. Also to maintain the social, ethical and economical equilibrium among the knowledge providers, there must be need of a system, which recognizes the intellect of human mind in a fair manner. In the same arena, GIAN was set-up in 1998 with the help of Gujarat Government. The main mission of GIAN is empowering the knowledge rich, economically poor grassroots innovators and traditional knowledge holders. Apart from theses, GIAN also assist Individual innovators and knowledge providers in all IP related matters. Innovators, especially not so affluent ones and with rural background avoid going for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection due to ignorance about the procedure, envisaged procedural hassles and also due to ignorance about the importance of IPR protection in today’s scenario.

We strongly believe that the knowledge of the individuals and communities should be accessed and used only with the prior informed consent of the knowledge holders. GIAN follows the concepts of Prior Informed Consent (PIC) from developed by NIF.

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PIC Traditional Knowledge  
PIC Explanatory Note For Traditional Knowledge  
PIC Technological Innovations and Ideas   
PIC Explanatory Note For Technological Innovations and Ideas  
Frequently Asked Questions on Intellectual Property Rights and role of NIF in the protection of IP of grassroots innovators View  

To identify and recognize the true value of innovations and traditional knowledge practices of grassroots innovators and TKs holders, GIAN provides direct assistance to the innovators by preparing the preliminary draft for filing application for a patent. GIAN act as a bridge between innovators and entrepreneurs by means of proper IP Protection with the help of patent attorneys and law firm like Anand & Anand (www.anandandanand.com) , Surana & Surana (www.lawindia.com), Altacit Global (www.altacit.com) and Y J Trivedi (www.yjtrivedi.com) in India, aside international law firm such as K&lL Gates (www.klgates.com), Boston. GIAN has developed an extensive network in India and also in the other parts of the world to facilitate the IP Protection.

On behalf of innovators, since its inception, till Feb 2009, GIAN has filed 40 patent applications in India, out of which, 19 patents applications have been granted in India. In furtherance, GIAN has also filed seven patent applications in USA, out of which four patents applications have been awarded.

To sake of awareness, GIAN also provides basic information about IPR protection in India

Please visit following links to know about IPR protection.

To find out the Patentability of innovations, we need to do the prior-art on different patent databases such as:

Looking to the expertise and experience of GIAN in dealing with intellectually property matter, Industries Department of the Gujarat Government has also established Patent Assistance Cell at GIAN in order to extend the GIAN services to innovators from formal sectors especially SME holders.