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Category: Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing

Eco friendly cow dung pot for nursery (grassroots green technology )

In nurseries, conventionally plastic bags are used to grow the plant saplin..more

Cow dung collection and dispensing device

Traditionally, dung is collected being manually or by using hoe and a container. Now a day, it

is difficult to find labour to manage cow dungs in rural areas and the sit..more

Manually operated cow dung pot making machine

Innovator developed eco friendly pot by using cow dung and agriculture waste, which is completely biodegradable. The innovation lies in the idea and achieving optimum combination of mixers of cow dung and other n..more

Bicycle Sprayer

To find out the way, Mansukhbhai Jagani, a farmer cum artisan with a ..more

Cotton Stripper

 In hybrid cotton crop, the cotton is harvested from the field directly and seed is separated ginning&nb..more

Motorcycle Driven Ploughing Machine

Like many other drought prone regions, this region also has a severe shortage of fodder leading to decline in the availability of bullocks for farming operations. One of Mansukhbha..more

Seed cum Fertilizer Dibbler

Sowing of a seed, a beginning for all the life forms. This also triggers the agricultural procedures for the farmers. If not done properly and at right time, this may affect the cro..more

Bicycle weeder

Bicycle weeder is a multipurpose farm implement developed by using in..more

Modified Knapsack Sprayer

The conventional knapsack sprayers has certain limitation like more

Poultry Racking Machine

Raking is necessary to keep poultry ..more

Innovative machine for making cow dung logs for ecofriendly cremation

Conventionally fire wood, electricity or LPG gas is used for cremation purpose. Indian people mostly prefer traditional product for cremation e.g. wooden logs and dried cow dung logs. Compared to fire wood..more

Innovative Machine For Making Cow Dung Logs/Upla’s For Ecofriendly Cremation

Making uplas/logs by hands using cow dung is a traditional activity followed in rural India. These uplas are used as fuel and manure. Indian people mostly prefer traditional product for cremation e.g. wooden l..more

Category: Utility

Maruti Jhula-An Innovative Health Care Chair

"Health is wealth" is old saying but everybody is not capable to pay a lot of money and time for his health. Market available exercise machines are very costly and for exercise in gym we have t..more

Motorised Kite String Winder (Phirkee)

All kite flying enthusiasts will accept that winding the string is a difficult process and takes time, after the kite is cut. Rightly identifying the need of kite flyers, Pareshbhai has made an..more

Innovative Printer Head for Golden Embossing

 One day, while he was repairing the wire of the speaker by soldering iron there was a golden foil lying near him. He kept the golden foil on the leather and wrote his name with the soldering iron on it a..more

Sugar Cane Juice Extractor

Sugar cane juice is an energetic & sweet drink, consumed during summers in all parts of our country. People go to different road side vendors to drink the juice. But, there is a continuous ..more

Stencil Cutting Device for Hand Embroidery Design

A device is a pen having a reciprocating needle to simplify manual punching of design on butter paper. Using the up and down motion of the needle, stencil for imprinting the desired design on t..more

Category: House hold

Non Stick Coated Earthen (Clay) Tawa

Case Study Click Here

Non Stick coated Tawas are essential part of kitchen to pr..more

Suraksha Tong

Shri Arvindbhai Patel took the challenge for designing..more

Vatsal Tong

It is an innovative design of tong which consist..more

Clay Cooker

This Clay Cooker has been made from special clay.

How to Use: After completion of making food using Cooker, please do not put cooker directly on the floor or kitchen top, but put cooker on the stand.more

Category: Plant Variety

HMT Paddy Variety

Khobragade selected and bred the HMT rice variety from the conventional &ls..more

Groundnut -Moralo -Improved and High Yielding Variety

Native of Junagadh, Gujarat– Thakkarshibhai Savaliya is the developer of this improved and high yield g..more

Dhiraj 101 - Innovative Groundnut plant variety

Dhiraj-101  is a Ground nut variety which is  resistance to the Stem rot diseas. He developed this ..more

Category: Engineering / Energy Technology

Mitti Cool Refrigerator: An affordable refrigerator

Case Study Click Here

A fridge for the common man that does not require electric..more

Oil Expeller

Conventional oil expeller machines using screw press mechanism require more maintenance, space and energy than the design that he has developed.  This oil expeller, which can ..more

VANRAJ Bicycle Pump

This is a cycle based portable centrifugal pump. The water pump is mounted on the carrier over the rear wheel of a bicycle. Pedal power is transferred from two pulleys attached at ..more

Natural Water Cooler

An accomplished technician and fabricator, Arvindbhai Patel  is a serial innovator who has never learnt to give up. With his keen mind, he has developed many innovative produc..more

Low Cost Wind Mill

Alstom Foundation, France joins hands with GIAN for low cost wind mill project

In its endeavour to help Agariyas (salt farme..more

Manually operated bamboo strip and incense stick making machine

Bamboo sticks are the major raw materials used in the Agarbatti industry. For making incense stick, electricity operated high capacity machines are available, which are suitable fo..more

Category: Open Source / Community

Check Dam

The innovator from Saurashtra, a semi-arid region, prone to water scarcity had often been asked by villagers to do some thing about conserving water in a seasonal rivulet nearby. T..more

Head Load Reducing Device

Rural women walk many tens of miles with heavy load on their head which causes stress, discomfort and eventually head and neck injuries.
The product is an ergonomically desi..more

Innovative Pulleys: Ganga and Saraswati

Innovator attached a stopper over the pulley so that by the backward moveme..more

Premjibhai's method of planting trees

The steps of the methods are as below. (To see the planting method stepwise in detail, please Click Here)