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Innovation Details

Category : Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing
Innovation Title : Cotton Stripper
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Name : Mansukhbhai Patel
District : Ahmedabad
State : Gujarat
Description :

 In hybrid cotton crop, the cotton is harvested from the field directly and seed is separated ginning mills. But in dry area of Gujarat and other parts of the country, the indigenous cotton varieties (like Kalyan – V 797, G-13 etc.) where the when cotton balls mature, it does not open fully like hybrid cotton and therefore cotton lint is tightly attached to the inner side of the cotton shell and therefore difficult to harvest cotton lint from the field. Therefore cotton ball is harvested from the field and lint is manually separated from cotton balls by removing the shells. This is a very laborious and time consuming process. As an answer to this problem, Mansukhbhai developed a machine named as Chetak Cotton Sripper, which removes lint from the cotton shell in faster and efficient manner


  • Weight:3000 kgs
  • Input:15 HP motor
  • Capacity:Processes 2000 kg / hr of cotton
  • Material: Mild steel and cast iron
Salient Features :
  • Extremely efficient & effective machine to separate the seed cotton from he shells
  • Saves cost involved in manual labour and reduces drudgery of women & children
  • Improves the quality of cotton , Staple cutting has been completely eliminated
  • Can be used as Pre-cleaning ( cleaning cotton before sending to ginning mills) in hybrid cotton
IPR Status :

Patent filed in india after product development (18/MUM/2001, January 8, 2001) US Patent Awarded on April 8, 2003 No. US 6,543,091 B2

MRP : Rs. 4,00,000/- and above