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Innovation Details

Category : Engineering / Energy Technology
Innovation Title : VANRAJ Bicycle Pump
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Name : Mr. Chandrakant V. Pathak
District : pune
State : Maharashtra
Scout : NIF  
Description :

This is a cycle based portable centrifugal pump. The water pump is mounted on the carrier over the rear wheel of a bicycle. Pedal power is transferred from two pulleys attached at the back of wheel. The pump is placed on a platform placed at the rear carrier of bicycle. The unit comprises 1 inch suction pipe (5m), hose nipples, foot valve, bracket, ring 7 V-belt) , Fabricated frame, 1 inch suction & delivery pipe, sprinkler, stand, foot valve. It is used for lifting water for various purposes like development of dry land, as a fire extinguisher, for construction work, use in gymnasium and for irrigation. The bicycle is taken to the water source, parked and peddled on its stand to operate the pump.

Salient Features :
  • Discharge – 30 LPM
  • Net water head – 50 feet .
  • Weight of the unit – 20 kg
Advantages :
  • Pollution free
  • No electricity and no fuel is required .
  • Operated by Human power.
  • Light in weight.
MRP : 2700-/