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Innovation Details

Category : Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing
Innovation Title : Motorcycle Driven Ploughing Machine
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Name : Mansukhbhai Jagani
District : Amreli
State : Gujarat
Scout : GIAN  
Description :

Like many other drought prone regions, this region also has a severe shortage of fodder leading to decline in the availability of bullocks for farming operations. One of Mansukhbhai’s friend approached him to find some solution to scarcity of draft power. Looking at the motorcycle his friend was riding, Mansukhbhai thought of adapting it as a ploughing machine. That’s how ‘Bullet Santi’ was born. Innovation is not in the tool bar which was developed much earlier but the attachment in the motorcycle which has diffused widely in the area.

Using the chassis, drive and power of an Enfield Bullet motorcycle in front, the innovator has retrofitted an attachment with two wheels at the rear with a tool bar to fit various farm implements. This meets various needs such as ploughing, weeding and sowing seeds etc in sandy and sandy loam soil.

Salient Features :
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, therefore the motorcycle can be used for transportation after completing farm operations.
  • Field capacity (coverage) of the machine is 4 acres/hr (1.8 ha/hr) for groundnut cultivation. However, it may vary for different crops depending upon the soil conditions and cropping pattern.
  • The unit is capable of performing all the agricultural operation carried out by pairs of bullock and subset of operations performed by tractor.
  • Can also be used for goods transporting operations by attaching a small trailer.
  • Fuel consumption of the machine is 1 lit/hr for groundnut cultivation.
IPR Status :

Patent granted in India & USA. Indian Patent no.205097 & US Patent no.US 6,854,404 B2.

MRP : Cost of Main attachment - Rs. 40000/- ( without motorcycle).
Current Status :

Innovator is manufacturing this product and he has sold more than 150 units in Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Special Achievement :

He had visited South Africa as a part of a delegation led by SRISTI on the invitation of Commonwealth Science Council to share his skills with his counterparts in Limpopo province. He has also developed a bicycle based sprayer which he assembled in South Africa also.

He won a National Award in NIF’s First National Competition for Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge in 2001. Also see Honey Bee, 11(4) & 12(1): 29; 2000-2001

Innovator got a patent in India and USA. Given the fact, many other users and innovators copied this technology, he has appreciated the concept of ‘Technology Commons’ implying no restrictions for other innovators to copy and adapt. But commercial firms will need license from members of the ‘Technology Commons’.