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Innovation Details

Category : Utility
Innovation Title : Maruti Jhula-An Innovative Health Care Chair
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Name : Sakrabhai Prajapati
District : Mehsana
State : Gujarat
Scout : GIAN  
Description :

"Health is wealth" is old saying but everybody is not capable to pay a lot of money and time for his health. Market available exercise machines are very costly and for exercise in gym we have to spare a separate time so this Maruti Jhula is complete solution, which is combination of chair and exercise machine and its USP is it’s price which every one can afford, no maintenance cost.

Conventional rocking chair is available in the market in different design costing around Rs. 1300/- to 2000/-. Chair for exercise is also available in the market with more advanced features but it is more expensive. The swings available in the market are rigid, i.e. they cannot be tilted as per ones’ requirements and cost around Rs. 3500 Shri Sakrabhai Prajapati, an innovator from Gujarat has developed an innovative health care chair, which serves the purpose of seating as well as exercising with a capacity to accommodate a person weighing 120 kg. This product is ideally situated for Indian urban middle class adult who seldom goes to a health club or outdoors for exercise and would prefer an easy chair, which he can use both for relaxation and exercise.

Salient Features :
  • Easy to tilt – according to the comfort of the person.
  • Helps in reducing the knee pain.
  • Give the effect of acupuncture in lower part of legs.
  • Increases Blood circulation – helpful to remove blood clods.
  • Gives rhythmic effect to body.
  • Reduce obesity.
MRP : 3,500/-
Current Status :

Innovator is manufacturing and marketing this Chair under the Brand name of Maruti Jhula. The Cost is Rs : 3500/-. To buy this model please contact on 098795 19331/ 097234 12278
For executive model by M/s Janak Enterprises Please Click Here To buy this model please contact on 099756 69481/ 02528-222463