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Category : Utility
Innovation Title : Innovative Printer Head for Golden Embossing
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Name : Ravindra Chopade
District : Mumbai
State : Maharashtra
Description :

 One day, while he was repairing the wire of the speaker by soldering iron there was a golden foil lying near him. He kept the golden foil on the leather and wrote his name with the soldering iron on it and found that his name was embossed in golden fonts on leather. This gave him the idea to search for a pen which could do this embossing work. He first experimented with a soldering machine and foil on a piece of rexin. When he saw this experiment being successful he searched on Google for existing machines and found that there is one machine, a plotter of company  named Graptek could be used for his purpose. He found one unit with help of a family friend.

Machine 1
In the first machine soldering iron tip has been replaced with a ball pen tip and fixed on the Graptek machine. A sheet of foil is placed over rexin and the pen is used to imprint desired content on the rexin sheet. Since the Graptek machine was old and had some errors he purchased a vinyl cutting machine and started his further research and development work on it. Later the old Graptek machine was disassembled and parts were used for R&D. The vinyl cutting machine was successfully modified and made into a golden embossing machine. This machine had FIXE software, which provided the filling effect option, which proved instrumental in giving depth to the content embossed on rexin or leather.