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Innovation Details

Category : Agri Device/Farm Machineries/Food Processing
Innovation Title : Innovative machine for making cow dung logs for ecofriendly cremation
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Name : Mansukhbhai Prajapati
State : Gujarat
Scout : GIAN  
Innovator Website : http://www.mitticool.in
Description :

Conventionally fire wood, electricity or LPG gas is used for cremation purpose. Indian people mostly prefer traditional product for cremation e.g. wooden logs and dried cow dung logs. Compared to fire wood and other alternatives, cremation using cow dung logs cost less. This has lead to the increased demand of cow dung logs but due to difficulty in manufacturing long logs, availability remains a problem. This opportunity of innovation inspired Shri Mansukhbhai Prajapati to develop a machine that makes long cow-dung logs with minimum human intervention.

A combination of dung and straw (or any agro waste/harvested crop residues) is fed into the hopper of the machine. Screw mechanism has been provided in the machine, which helps in mixing raw materials thoroughly, compress them and extrude them out. By using different size of die, logs of different shapes and sizes can be made easily. Produced logs are then put under the sunlight to dry out the moisture inside them, making them hard and sturdy.

Salient Features :
  • Helps in managing cow dung in Gaushala and dairy farm by making value added products and increase the income.
  • The machine can be operated on electricity (1hp motor) or by manually.
  • Easy to operate and maintain, even women labour can also operate it
  • One person can do a job viz. mixing, feeding and handling output product.
  • Throughout the length of the log, in its centre, a cylindrical hole has been provided to facilitate easy drying and efficient combustion
  • Size of logs can be increased or decreased as per requirement for various applications
  • The machine is capable of making one log per minute and 50 to 60 logs per hour (3 x 3 inch, 3 feet long). Logs can also be cut into small pieces for its usage in "Chulla" and "Havan" purpose.
  • Slurry from biogas can also be used for making logs by mixing it with straw or any other harvested crop residues.
  • Eco friendly application, saves the forest cover and better utilizes the agro waste.
Current Status :

Ready for Sale.