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Innovation Details

Category : Open Source / Community
Innovation Title : Innovative Pulleys: Ganga and Saraswati
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Name : Amrutbhai Agrawat
District : Junagadh
State : Gujarat
Scout : Kirit Patel  
Description :

Innovator attached a stopper over the pulley so that by the backward movement of rope, lever will press it automatically and would not let it slip. Now the person can take the rest as long as one wishes, without having to keep holding the rope. He developed and tried out three different version with different technical features and finalized two models i.e Ganga and Saraswati Pulley.

  • Ganga Pulley
  • The shape of the pulley is such that it is inherently wear‐resistant and long‐lasting. The material of the pinion is made from steel that reduced the friction and ensured smooth functioning without the use of a bearing. It requires welding of the pulley on an iron rod with the help of iron fabricators or affixing with a screw on the iron angle.

  • Saraswati Pulley
  • To overcome the issues involved in welding and fabricating iron beam or rod as extension in case of Ganga pulley , innovator provided hook structure to hang the pulley on existing rod.

Any local artisan of the village can do the installation of the pulley.By affixing it on two‐iron angles of length five to six feet: These iron angles may then be inserted in the soil to an approximate depth of two feet near the border of the well. Care should be taken to give the pulley a 45‐ degree tilt so that the brake functions properly. By fixing the extended portion of the pulley on the wall of the well with the help of screws. In absence of any wall‐support, the pulley may be installed on the iron rod / wooden beam, used in the case of a traditional pulley.

The "Saraswati” pulley is flexible & free‐hanging in nature. Users can own this pulley individually, take it to the well while going for drawing water, hang this pulley on the existing iron rod /beam on the well, and take it back after use. If users want, they can install it permanently also by tightening the hook on the iron rod.

The pulley is very sturdy & durable. This is a very simple yet robust technology and does not have any complex components. Any local fabricator can make it and repair it without needing any formal training

Considering the social importance of this technology Innovator has declared this innovation as community/societal based, and there would be no fee as far as the cost of technology entailed in its transfer is concerned. It is highly recommended to manufacture these pulleys locally in order save the cost of transportation, and, also for the up‐gradation of technology already existing in the rural areas. If required, GIAN can send the samples of these pulleys on cost basis to aid in manufacturing it locally.

Pulleys are conventionally used for drawing water from the open wells by millions of women in villages all over India. With water table going down and length of rope to pull water increasing, women (who have to often perform this arduous task) have to face a lot of drudgery while pulling water through conventional pulley. Many times, while pulling water, women/men feel tired and have to pause to catch their breath. Bucket sometimes falls into the well. Indian civilization developed a bunch of hooks to get such a bucket out of the well but could not devise any mechanism so that bucket does not fall into the well. Despite being in existence for so many years, design of pulley has not witnessed any major change. Honey Bee network had posed this problem to a network of innovators and then Amrutbhai came out with innovative design of Pulley having brake mechanism in it.

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Technical Specification:

             Ganga Pulley

  • The ratchet on the pulley prevents the rope from slipping.
  • The pulley is safe as far as injuries, like rope burn, are concerned
  • There are no chances of either the rope or the bucket to dissociate from the pulley
    Yamuna Pulley
  • It is light and handy to use.
  • It hangs freely from the support.
  • It doesn’t require permanent installation. (It is detachable.)
  • Affordable and Portable



Salient Features :
  • The "Saraswati” pulley is flexible & free‐hanging in nature.
  • The pulleys are very sturdy & durable.
  • This is a very simple yet robust technology and does not have any complex components.
Advantages :
  • Requires less effort since handle is pulled instead of the rope.
  • Large quantity of water can be lift in one go.
  • Useful to draw the water from underground tank.
IPR Status :

Not Applicable ( open Source technology)

MRP : Price : Model 1 - About Rs. 550/‐ (Plus Transportation Costs) and Model 2 - Rs. 350/‐ (Plus Transportation Costs).
Current Status :

Product available for sale .

Special Achievement :

For this innovation he won Asian Innovation Award in 2000 and a National Award in NIF’s First National Competition for Grassroots Innovations and Traditional Knowledge in 2001. An attempt was made to diffuse this pulley with the help of SEWA in a few hundred cases. Much more remains to be done.

Apart from these Amrutbhai has made numerous other devices like, Aaruni Cart and many other innovations like Janak Santi- multipurpose agricultural attachment, Mini Kaliyu (Groundnut digger) and Wheat sowing box among other things.