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Innovation Details

Category : Open Source / Community
Innovation Title : Check Dam
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Name : Bhanjibhai Mathukiya
District : Junagadh
State : Gujarat
Scout : GAU-Junagadh  
Description :

The innovator from Saurashtra, a semi-arid region, prone to water scarcity had often been asked by villagers to do some thing about conserving water in a seasonal rivulet nearby. This led him to build a semi-circular dam using local materials, labour, and at minimal cost.

His path breaking innovation consists of a modular check dam built using the arch shaped bunds in sequence. The innovator was inspired by the strength and durability of arches used vertically in constructing railway bridges during British times. He used locally available materials such as stones, river sand and deployed one mason and four labourers to build the dam. The low cost dam was built in 4 days and at a total cost of Rs 10,000. This dam has made the area a green haven. This design is also being successfully replicated in a few regions in Maharashtra as well as Gujarat. Innovators like Premji Bhai, Vriksha Mitra have replicated this design in many villages.


Salient Features :
  • Cost efficient; the material cost of erecting a 100 ft check dam as per this design is about Rs. 25,0000/-
  • Strength is in the design of the structure and not in the weight .
  • Can be built by using locally available material.
IPR Status :

Innovator has declared this technology as a social technology & open for all.

Current Status :

5 dams (3 in Gujarat, 1 Maharastra and 1 in Rajasthan) have been constructed successfully using this design. GIAN is ready to facilitate the construction of these dams by providing technical assistance to the communities / NGOs /

Special Achievement :

Awarded by National Innovation Foundation.