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Innovation Details

Category : Engineering / Energy Technology
Innovation Title : Natural Water Cooler
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Name : Arvindbhai Patel
District : Ahmedabad
State : Gujarat
Scout : GIAN  
Description :

An accomplished technician and fabricator, Arvindbhai Patel  is a serial innovator who has never learnt to give up. With his keen mind, he has developed many innovative products such as Natural Water Cooler, Auto Air  Filling Pump, and Auto Compression Sprayer and Innovative tongs.

Cool and potable drinking water is an essential requirement for every body. The earthen pots are ineffective beyond a certain temperature. Commercial water coolers are expensive, require maintenance and run on electricity. Refrigerators operate on the principle of heat transfer and earthen pots work on the principle of evaporation to cool water. Arvindbhai has combined both these features and developed a Natural Water Cooler.

In this cooler, water is passed through cotton string covered copper coils, which are continuously being moistened by a dripper. A small DC fan operated through solar panel mounted on roof top facilitates the air circulation and evaporation of water from the cotton string on the coil cools the water inside. It also has an in-built filter that provides clean and hygienic water. The external casing of copper coil is made from steel material having sufficient ventilation to facilitate the smooth air circulation for evaporation. This technology has tremendous potential in hot and dry climates.

Salient Features :
  • It reduces the temperature of input water by 8 to 10 degree centigrade depending upon the external temperature and humidity.
  • The copper coil provides medicinal benefits and higher efficiency to its users.
  • An external power source is not required for its operation and thus it has almost no recurring cost or maintenance expenses
  • It is best suited for use in public places such as bus depots, roads, gardens and parks as well in colleges, hostels and hospitals and in other locations where there is a crucial need of providing large quantities of safe, hygienic, cool drinking water.


IPR Status :

The Natural Water Cooler has been granted Indian patent no. 199939.

MRP : 100 lit-Rs: 48,500, 150 lit-Rs: 51,000
Current Status :

Innovator himself manufactures this natural water cooler. The technology has also been licensed to Khodke Agro Products Pvt Ltd, Amrawati from Maharastra State. The Natural Water Cooler is available in different capacities.

Special Achievement :

The innovation is also tested and supported by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Gandhinagar.