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Business Opportunities

GIAN has access to thousands of innovations from across the country and has supported around 100 such innovations since its inception. GIAN has commercialised many technologies either through outright technology transfer to interested entrepreneurs or through partnership and business incubation methodology. Most of the innovations address the demand gap that exists in the markets, which is not being currently met by products and services offered by the various sectors of the industry.

We feel that by partnering with various entrepreneurs and SME industries, new avenues of targeting the untapped markets can be opened. This will also provide opportunities for innovation based entrepreneurship and industries.

In line with our mandate, we have built a robust repertoire of achievements wherein we have facilitated several technology transfers for innovations at the district, state, national and global level apart from also facilitating the filing of patents, design registrations, in India and abroad.

GIAN has a database of several innovations, with varying degrees of market readiness, available for licensing. We encourage you to visit our website (http://west.gian.org/innovations.php and www.nif.org.in/bd) and contact us if any of these innovations interest you.

By associating with GIAN you become a part of the Grassroots innovation movement and can benefit in the following ways:
  1. We provide you with new business opportunities for growth and diversification.
  2. We provide you access to new technologies and products available at GIAN. Most of these technologies have been protected through IPR and mass production of these products will lead to good profit margins.
  3. Most of the innovations at GIAN are the solutions to problems that our society and industries were facing. As such these innovations can also help you solve some of your problems directly or indirectly.
  4. You can act as a channel for generating / increasing demand for GIAN's innovations by providing the linkages to GIAN through your manufacturing and/or marketing networks.
  5. You can help develop the technologies further and become joint patent holders.
  6. You will be provided network support to diffuse and commercialize innovative products through advertisement in magazines, participation in various exhibitions and through print and electronic media coverage.
  7. You will be provided managerial assistance and business policy guidance to promote products on national and global level.
Expression of interest and other inquiries regarding the licensing agreement are welcome. GIAN commercialises various technologies through one of the following mechanisms:
  • GIAN incubates an innovation and converts it into a market ready prototype. The license of manufacturing and the marketing rights are transferred to the entrepreneur against cash considerations and royalties. Depending upon the product and nature of rights one prefers to buy, one has to pay the technology transfer fees. This is a high investment option as the entrepreneur gets the market ready product.
  • The entrepreneur gets involved in the development of a market ready product after the innovator has come up with a proof of concept (crude working prototype). Entrepreneur shall have to invest his/her own technical and financial resources to convert the innovation into a market ready product and hence this is a low investment option in terms of licensing/technology transfer.
  • Idea Licensing - The idea (proof of concept) of an innovation is licensed to an interested entrepreneur. The entrepreneur then can carry forward the idea further and define the application as per market needs for commercial exploitation. Since the entrepreneur starts from the idea level, this mode has very low investment in licensing/technology transfer.
  • In case where an innovator himself becomes an entrepreneur, GIAN provides necessary mentoring support to the innovator for commercialization.
  • GIAN becomes a partner in the venture by providing financial and incubation support along with the innovator and/or the entrepreneur. GIAN provides funding support for start-up enterprises through the Micro-Venture Innovation Fund (MVIF) India. This loan can be repaid from the profits generated from sale of products.
The license/technology transfer fees and royalties will be decided with mutual consent of the agreeing parties and will vary from case to case depending upon the technology and nature of rights.
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